The primary division


With the I-thought you divide yourself, you separate yourself from your inherent wholeness, the wholeness of Being-Awareness. Thus, a primary subject-object arises and the myriad names and forms follow.

Reality is indivisible. Separation is an unhappy dream, the illusory dream of world body mind.

The primary division is the separation of yourself from the totality of being by believing you are a mortal form, a body mind, a man or woman.

Although separation is not real, once you assume it, you are in the pit of darkness.

Best to be still and open to the light. Invite the light to shine and show you the way.

You are not a mortal form.
You are not born.
You do not die.

Contemplate the Self with your entirety and let go of the body mind.
With every breath, sink deeper into the Self.

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