Awareness does not come and go

Only awareness is aware.
It is awareness, the light of perception… that perceives. It is awareness, the light of sensation… that senses. It is awareness, the light of all impressions… that speaks and dances.
It dances all dances!
It is awareness, the light of Joy… that rejoices!
How it loves!
Awareness does not belong to any instrument and is not limited by the form impressions that it dreams. Uncontained in its freedom, it lands on all branches and whistles all songs.
Such sweet songs!

Awareness belongs to awareness … no objective impression defines it.
How lovingly undefined it is in its freedom!
It arises out of itself and returns to itself as it plays the impression of form… dreaming all arousals. It is the nectar of all dreams.
Like thin air, that takes on the form of a gentle breeze, a tornado or a windless evening.
At the core and heart of all movement is non-movement.
Once this core non-movement is revealed and established as the one and only reality… all impressions of angst come to an end.
The revelation is that of peace, joy and happiness… which does not come and go.
Does not come and go!

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