There is no real robber

In fact there is no robber that really appropriates consciousness. The imaginary separate me-impression cannot really hijack consciousness.
How could the illusory hijack the real?
You imagine yourself to be a person with personal concerns and ambition, but you fail to realize that you are the openness, the borderless aware presence that perceives all perceptions, that dreams all dreams without ever being touched by what it dreams.
Look directly.

Awareness is never unhappy. It is not in the pursuit or resistance business. It loves peace and happiness. It is peace and happiness. It is joy and freedom and does not depend on the weather.
Let go of the false.
You are not a person and have never been a person. Even when you dream you are a pink flying elephant, in fact, you have never been a pink flying elephant.
You are the impersonal aware presence.
Know yourself as That which does not come and go. That which is beyond any limitations.
The peace that you are awaits your recognition. No need to delay the journey.

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