The invitation from the guru

The invitation from the guru is to realize the Self, to see/be the undivided wholeness that you are. The guru is not a person and does not perceive persons.
Truth/Reality is one seamless whole. You can call it love, freedom, joy, beauty. It is the experience of causeless peace and happiness that is void of the limiting me-impression.
Persons are mind impressions, dream impressions that are the result of the belief in separation. The impression of separation is the belief that you, undivided whole consciousness, are limited to a form.
Consciousness is not bound or limited.
The guru is not a person. The guru is your true Self. The guru is yourself. Void of any division whatsoever. When you are with the guru, you are with your true Self reminding you of you.
You invite yourself, in the form of the guru, to remind yourself of yourself.
That is the teaching.


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