Dive within

Dive within
Only this deepening is your heart’s desire
Cease dwelling on the surface forms
They do not fulfill you
They do not reveal the absolute.

For so long you have been in love
And yet, you have acted as a child
Chasing imaginary dreams
As an imaginary form.

Your love has remained unfulfilled.
How long will you go on?
You only fool yourself
Imagining yourself to be wise
You have mistaken yourself to be a dream character.

You tend to toys and imaginary forms
Like a child who is yet to know himself
You postpone your awakening
In exchange for cheap feelings and sensations.

He is deeply within you
As every breath, as every heart beat
Look deeply and deeper
Remain still and silent
Allow his light to shine
In your ever deepening inner silence.

This way your meaning will be fulfilled
And you will breathe the Ahhhh breath of God.

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