About belief and ignorance

About belief and ignorance
You don’t need any belief system to get out of the way of an oncoming truck.
Body intelligence is innate to the body and the organismic system knows how to feed and shelter itself.

By belief, the teachings refer to the belief that consciousness is mortal, limited and dependent onto a body mind. Such belief is referred to as ignorance. Ignorance of the reality of consciousness. Ignorance of truth: the truth being that consciousness is not limited, personal or mortal.
The belief that happiness depends on phenomenal events and is ‘out there’ is an inherent integral aspect of ignorance. It is such belief, it is ignorance that leads us to seek happiness in events, relationships and worldly situations.
Peace and happiness are our innate nature and are fully revealed to us as truth once we divest ourselves of the belief and feeling system of separation.
That is the journey home. The journey from here to here. From ignorance to causeless peace and happiness.
The Self eternal.

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