The personal body

What the mind refers to as a personal body is an impression arising in the borderless, limitless, universal cosmic body.
As the limited personal impression fades in your contemplation, the borderless universal quality of consciousness is revealed.

The impression of separation is maintained via your acquiescence with thought and feeling and your disregard for the gift of contemplation and inquiry.
Your interest in the worldly maintains the dualistic worldly impression.
All suffering impressions are in your hands. Conditional living is incomplete and gives rise to unhappiness and a miserable sense of lack.
The light of awareness is unimpeded, like the wide open sky is unimpeded by clouds and remains unobscured to itself.
The Self eternal is unobscured to itself. You have never been a separate mortal self.
Your recognition awaits you.

CB: Magdi indeed we are forever the metaphical posing as physical but they are never separate. Never separate mortal vis a vis immortal. Always one. As you say recognition of this awaits.

Magdi: The night dream is not separate from the dreamer and is made out of the dreamer.
The ultimate reality of all dreams is the ultimate dreamer.

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