A contemplation


Whatever arises does not disturb me, does not define me and does not refer to what I AM truly.
How can any appearance, any thought, any feeling know That That I AM?
Only I know. Only I am the knowingness. 
That I AM KNOWINGNESS is not something that can be affected by what is known.

I am not something phenomenal and thus I am not subject to the phenomenal principles that apply to my dreams, that apply to the world body mind that I dream out of myself.

I do not arise in the dream. The dream arises in me, out of me and refers to mySelf, the formless source that I AM, the borderless presence, non phenomenal being awareness, impersonal, universal. The dreamer of all dreams.

I AM the formless eternal infinite presence. Out of my infinite freedom, I take on form and name while remaining as I AM. Formless and nameless.

Out of my freedom, I dream that I am a person.
And now, I invite myself as yourself, to contemplate that I, as yourself, have never been anything else but the formless non dual Self.

I invite you, as mySelf, to recognize yourself as myself, as universal formless Self. The one reality, second to none.

No need to ask why.
Simply accept and honor the invitation.

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