The way of silence


The way of silence is a deep listening, a sort of absence that blooms out of your deep contemplation of truth. This silence, is spaciousness, the spaciousness of awareness, of stillness, of being-love as one. In this absence, there is no person, no separate field of awareness, no separate power and no personal ambition or regret. The way of silence is a blessing. A blessing like the sunshine is a blessing onto all phenomenal events, onto the lakes, the mountain peaks, the rivers, streams and surrounding fields. Without the sunshine, there is no light and no clarity. No warmth, no life. It is the way of silence that appeases the mind, that returns all thoughts to their source. It is from this silence, that is not the silence of the mind nor the silence of the body, that sages speak. They speak the silence that they are, the silence of the Self. They speak their experience, which is the way of silence…
They speak the silence that only that very same silence can comprehend.

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