The process of mind


Can you explain the following quote by JK: “To speculate the eternal without understanding the whole process of mind is child play”. Thank you
The Eternal, Consciousness, God, the Absolute can be a concept. When it is a concept, we are engaged in thinking and we remain as a separate observer, a separate subject.
The eternal is only meaningful when you experience the eternal, when you are referring to your direct experience and not to a concept.
You may have a glimpse of the eternal or an inkling of the reality of the Self. This is what motivates your interest and not the concept. Once you have a glimpse or an intuition, you are less interested in speculation and you are rather interested in the revelation of truth.

Concerning the mind, it depends what we mean by mind. We have many concepts about the mind, like we have many concepts about Santa Claus.
In fact, there is no mind. No one has ever met a mind.
By mind, we usually refer to thought.
What is there to understand about thought? Thought is an appearance like the weather. Is it not? It is as if the entire cosmos is thinking, like the cosmos is weathering. Thought can be functional and creative or celebratory.

What we need to understand is the process of identification.
The I-thought is a specific thought that says: ‘I am a mortal body mind, I am a person that is born in time and space’. It is the I-thought that infects our true nature with the veil of separation.

It is important to understand the illusion of identification and to become free from its hold. It is via the contemplation of ‘What am I truly?’ that the I-thought is revealed to be a lie and loses its stronghold.
Then there is room for the eternal to reveal itself as the pure unadulterated ground of being, the background of thought.

Until the spell of identification starts to break apart, you remain under the influence of the I-thought and your perception is skewed, distorted and unhappy.

Step into the light via your inquiry and your surrender. No one will do it for you.

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