Dictatorship and democracy

Dictatorship and democracy belong at the mind level. As long as you remain at the mind level, you remain at the mind level … swinging between the illusory and unhappy impressions of good and bad.
Why play good and bad when you can be happy celebrating the innate freedom and bliss of the Self? Of what use is it to rehash century old tales of conflict?
Does the stream argue with the river bank? Effortlessly and gently the flowing water erodes the bank without any personal intention or argumentation.

Defuse the old and remain in the contemplation of the fresh creativity of the absolute. You are the borderless openness of being dreaming all dreams.
Unhappiness is a mind add-on. Causeless peace and happiness, formless presence taking on all forms is the inherent quality of the Self.
You are the vastness and wholeness of being.

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