You are the shining light of the universe

You are the shining light of the universe. You are the formless source of all apparent forms. You are the reality of consciousness.
Nothing is possible without you.
Everything is revealed through you, everything refers to you…the formless reality that you are. The undeniable reality of consciousness.

The entire cosmos bows to you, moment by moment venerating the creator that you are.
You are the openness of being, unborn, unconditioned. You are the source of all conditions, of all phenomenal events.
What is the world body mind without you?
You confuse yourself to be the instrument of perception, you confuse yourself to be the body mind sensory apparatus.
You are beyond the form, beyond the instrument of sensation. You are the reality of consciousness.
Why identify yourself with a mortal form? Why create and maintain the unhappiness?
You know very well that it is impossible to limit the limitless.
That is why the highest teaching is : Know yourself. Know yourtrueself and know the absolute.
Knowing the Self is being the Self. Unwavering recognition that goes beyond the limitation of the mind.
The end of the separate impression.
The revelation of the magnificence and majesty of the Self.

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