Comment from a friend and a reply:

Friend: “You can keep the conversations smooth at the mental level, however at times it is difficult to keep up the contemplation and inquiry. Seen from the mind it is hell at times. As soon as the level of bodily contractions is entered

it is a whole different ball game, a whole different challenge.
Here the process of releasing contractions can often be much like a woman having a most difficult birth with constant pain and struggle to give birth to the child.
If you remain inflexible to this bodily difficulty then you will not be addressing what most people will encounter when the bulk of the release has to take place.”
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Indeed, obtaining clarity at the mental level (through the initial glimpse and the clarification of the dharma) is not sufficient to bring the happiness and freedom that our heart seeks. The feeling state needs to be liberated as well.

There is a post understanding sadhana that is necessary to release the remnants of ignorance at the feeling level.
Even when we are clear that our true nature is consciousness and not the body mind, we will continue to vacillate between clarity and ignorance.

While previously, in complete ignorance of the Self, we were swept by circumstances, once we have a glimpse of our true nature, we must apply what we have learned from the glimpse and what we are learning from our teacher.

It is difficult and it takes longer to navigate the post glimpse contemplation without guidance. There are many trappings and detours that will keep you in the roller coaster.
Your love for the whole truth without settling for anything less is an important asset. Working steadily and persevering in your contemplation following your teacher guidance is essential.


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