You are the home that you seek.

You are the home that you seek!
You are the divine light, choosing to forget itself… You are the intelligence, wisdom, beauty, love, infinity, eternity of the Self, choosing to impersonate a separate consciousnesses…
There are no real issues, only imagined ones. When you choose to identify with the mortal body mind, you inherit the contraction of separation and imagined suffering. Deep down, you are the openness and freedom that you love, veiled by an imagined limitation that you do not let go of.

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So, come to your true Self… that is what you heart deeply aspires for… choose the freedom, the unconditional beingness, the sweet embrace that you love.
Why wallow in sorrow and pursuit of temporal forms and fleeting memories? Why remain entangled in the unhappiness of the unending me-you-story? You are not the body mind, you are not a mortal form. Simply contemplate the source of whatever arises and you come to the openness and eternity of the Self.
Come to the light, come to the love, come to the freedom and happiness of your true fearless Self. Recognize your infinity and eternity.
There is no need to postpone any longer.

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