In the stillness of the heart. A poetic expression.

In the stillness of the heart.
We meet… as one.
In the stillness and wisdom of the heart
We are one love, one reality.
I find myself as your heart
and find you as my heart
as one.
In the heart
we are never apart, we are one as love, as consciousness.
This is where the birds sing
and the streams flow.
Where the sun rises
and sets.
This is where you smile
and hold me tightly in your heart,
holding your very self, as one.
In this oneness we never leave each other.
In this oneness, my heart is your heart
One eternal open heart.
In the morning sunshine
around the breakfast table,
walking through the arcade,
it is you as myself that walks.
It is you as myself
that is this one love.
It is you as myself,
as everyone, as everything
THAT is the love
love eternal
the love that we are.
The love that everything and everyone is…
expressing itself in myriad ways.
I rejoice and celebrate your wisdom,
your infinite expressions,
your beauty,
your creativity,
your love.
How sweet and tender…
Finding you,
I find myself,
As everyone and everything.
Om, shanti, shanti, shanti….

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