Why does consciousness act as if it is a person?

Question: Although consciousness is NOT a thing, it acts like one in the mere person identity. It acts as a human being? Did consciousness somehow forget that it is playing the game of hide n seek to experience itself like such? Consciousness acts and seems to be a person named such and such. Can you explain?

Snow in Charlottetown By Nadine Staaf

Reply: The mind perceives persons, consciousness does not. It is thought that perceives a human being. Reality is One. Consciousness is that reality. While consciousness is the reality of the mind, it is not the mind.
Yes, one could say that when consciousness identifies with a form, it creates the mind and experiences amnesia.

Question: Why am I here?

Reply: To realize the Self.
I AM IS. Eternal. The mind (thought) speaks of here and there. Like in a dream.

Question: What can you say about people that suffer from biopolar disorder, panic attacks, Schizophrenia and Psychosis?

Reply: All is well.  God does not discriminate. She is the creator and she creates everything. She creates the Ebola virus. What you truly are is untouched.
It is good to relate with each other from love and compassion; out of the recognition of the universality of consciousness rather than from the separate mind impression.


Photo by Nadine Staaf

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