What is the I that wants this or that?

What is this I that wants this or that?
Either this I is real or illusion imagination.
If it is real, it must be the same reality that perceives this perception.
What is the reality that perceives right now?
Whatever this reality is, it must be the same reality that perceived 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 1000 years ago. Reality is irrespective of time and space.
Find out the reality that is eternal and universal and you get the real answer to your question.
The inquiry into the I is inquiry into truth, into the real.

Concerning wanting and desire. Wanting is duality which assumes a separate self and an external world. Such an assumption is not verified nor established.
This belief is an inherited and unexamined hearsay.
If wanting is real, then reality is dualistic which means there is more than one reality and that is false.
Thus wanting, desiring is false since it refers to multiple realities. Wanting is the unhappy result of the illusion of separation.
Thought misinterprets Truth. That is why you need to inquire deeply into truth in order to rid yourself of falsehood.

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