Friend: Try running into a door..,

Reply: The body running into a door and bleeding is not evidence that there is a reality external to consciousness. 
Of course the body running into a door is ample evidence that outside the body there is a door.
But it is not evidence that there is a door outside of consciousness.

As long as you are identified as a body, anything that happens to the body seems real to you, seems to be happening to you.

You are invited to examine the belief that you are the body.

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Andrew Beaulac Magdi, there is something going on deeply inside that wants the external universe to dissolve as unreal. Is this just pain with the world, or is it grace beckoning?
Magdi Badawy
This external universe you speak of, how far apart from you is it?
What is it? Where does it appear?
How does it appear?
How far apart is it from THAT that perceives it?
Andrew Beaulac  It’s pretty much right here. What is it? Am I being a stubborn seeker if I say I am not sure what it is? It appears in consciousness.This much is clear, my dear friend. How does it appear? That is still a mystery. Perhaps it is equal with THAT which perceives it. I will meditate on this. Thank you.
Magdi Badawy 
How does it appear does not matter much. It is said that Consciousness is omnipotent and complete freedom. Free to conceive, create, perceive and destroy.

The universe… What is it this very moment? How do you know it? Is it not perceptions, thoughts and sensations?
What is the reality of perception, thought and sensation?
Is it not consciousness?

Yes, it appears in consciousness (like your night dreams appear in you). It is known via consciousness and is at zero distance from consciousness, like the pink flying elephant in your night dreams is at zero distance from you, the dreamer.
There is but one reality.

Andrew Beaulac  Is this world, this whole universe, simply an appearance in Consciousness? Yes. god’s consciousness. I think my stumbling-block is that I haven’t dared step over that threshold into understanding “my own” consciousness as the universal consciousness. But how dare I make it different?
Magdi Badawy 
How many consciousness have you ever known?
There is but one consciousness. Calling it ‘my own’ leads to the question: What is this me that I am referring to?
How many I is there?
Andrew Beaulac  The illusory separate I can happily dissolve into the Absolute.
Magdi Badawy Santa Claus never actually exits and never existed outside of a belief

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