The sense of purpose

“In your own life, do you desire nothing worldly at all? Do you have a goal or vision for what you would like to achieve in the world? Do you think it is wrong to have a sense of purpose? ”
In ignorance, our desires are worldly. We hope that they will deliver the happiness that our heart deeply aspires for. They don’t.
From the higher perspective, which is not a personal perspective, you realize you are the happiness that you seek.
Your desires change, becoming free from desperation, free from the sense of urgency. They become playful, celebratory. Your desires are no longer used to deliver happiness … rather, they arise out of the unshakable happiness and freedom that you know yourself to be.
You celebrate life rather than submit to it or bear it. Your expectations become fluid and light as a feather. You see joy everywhere. Your dream is happy void from the sense of lack and separation.
Until then, it is a good thing to have a sense of purpose … as long as it is not a worldly purpose. The highest sense of purpose is divine. It is the realization of truth, the realization of your true nature.

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