The five senses

Rashmi Mueller A sage said that the 5 senses are a hoax. Is it because they lead (trick) us to believe in form? 🙏🏽
Magdi Badawy Rashmi, the five senses are neutral, They are windows of sort, that allow the perception of the world, body mind.
The hoax is believing that what is perceived is real.
In your night dreams, you perceive a pink flying elephant. But when you wake up, you realize only you, the dreamer is real and the pink flying elephant is not real.
Believing that the world body mind is real goes hand in hand with believing that you are a body mind, a person.
The inquiry is into the Self.
What is the Self? Is it a form that appears and disappears? Is the Self an event in time and space?
Believing that I am born is the hoax.
The senses are quite a wonder!
Look at the beauty of the sunset, the sound of the bird singing in the woods, the gurgling sound of the brook… How lovely!

 Rashmi Mueller Thank you! 🙏🏽

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