Noticing awareness

Question: I am pivoting in seeing ZEN as drinking tea or scratching the head and sometimes I see that objects are also it. But then doubt arises that says: ´how can seeing , hearing, smelling and touching be ZEN (truth)´. Then I ask myself ´Is seeing and hearing happening by itself?´.
I/life doing the seeing and hearing. So it gets messed up. Then I relax and I see that hearing is also ZEN. I feel your effortless presence in the videos, Magdi. I do the same now and then spontaneously I become aware of being aware. Then I lose this recognition while typing this. I then need to close my eyes again to be aware of aware. Any simple advice on how to be aware while being active and on how to realize that the 5 senses are the truth or zen too?


Noticing awareness, in other words noticing that ‘I am aware’
That it is I/awareness that is aware… Not I/the flesh and blood we call Javi

Effort is not necessary. Simply savoring the times when awareness comes to the forefront, of its own so to speak.
In time, we may find that this effortl

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