I feel that I am here and you are there


Friend: How do you explain the feeling that I have that I am me and not you?
The feeling arises to awareness. One could say that the feeling is an appearance in awareness, an object, of sort.
There is what is perceived and there is that which perceives.
What is perceived is constantly changing and that which perceives is not changing.
You are that which does not change and is not defined by any feeling. That has no limitations and no definition.

Friend: I understand, but I still feel that I am me and not you.
Both me and you are appearances within mind. They are like the color blue and red. Both blue and red are colors that appear to you, which is not defined by any color.
Mind appears within consciousness/awareness. The true you, and there is only one self is not limited or defined by the mind, by the feelings you perceive. Feelings are reverberations of consciousness.

Friend: This feeling is so stubborn. The feeling that I am here and you are there.
It may seem to be stubborn. But it comes and goes. The reality of though/feeling is the wholeness of awareness which is not divided into here and there. You are not defined by your feelings and thoughts.
Invite yourself to this understanding which is your inherent true nature. It is whole and undivided.
This may require for you to be still, to be quiet. Like Jean Klein used to say: to wait without waiting.
Feel deeply into it. Not just the surface feeling and sense of separation, rather the heart of it, the core of it.
At first, it may seem momentous and daunting. But as you go to the heart of your feelings, you will discover an ease and an embrace, a sort of support from God, as it were.
As you dive into the heart of things, of your feelings, emotions, you can let the surface be as it is. It will matter less and less.
The answer to your question lies within you. It is therefore available to you. The peace and freedom of being.
Inquiring deeply into the core of your being, the reality of being is a path of love and even patience and courage. As you embark on this path, you will find help and support.

Friend: What sort of help? I don’t see it and I have been on the path for so long.
It is happening now. It has been happening all along. Consciousness is love and love is eternal and infinite.

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