Memory does not affect presence

Memory does not affect presence. Memory may be a useful tool for navigation purposes. It is an appearance in the wide open sky of presence and does not stain it.

Emergence by Sasa Gyoker
It is the belief that I am a mortal appearance, a mortal body mind rather than the presence itself, that leads to the impression of limitation, separation and selfhood.
It is identification with a form that constitutes the virus of ignorance and mortality.


Rita:  True. It is identification with those memories as reality that facilitates ignorance, not the memories themselves. Memories are actually beautiful when they are reflective of the path to this present moment

Magdi: The I-thought and me-feeling

ZP: “It is the belief that I am a mortal appearance, a mortal body mind rather than the presence itself, that leads to the impression of limitation,” good post my friend. My very first glimpse, was the profound seeing that I was so much more than this body/mind, that even the fear of death fell away, completely. what a relief, and it was so amazing how much energy we use trying to keep this illusion together. Of course, this glimpse did not last, (hence the term “glimpse”). I call it “Teflon awakening…. I doesn’t stick! LOL –I don’t know if I would compare memory to a virus. it just is. not good not bad. it is when we attach to our memories, and believe that “this is all I am”, is when the monkey gets loose. IMO- zp

Magdi: The mind cannot hold on to the glimpse since the mind cannot perceive it.
Memory is not the virus. The virus I refer to is the identification with the body mind event.

ZP: yea. i get the impression i am still trying to hold on to these glimpses with mind. keeps me in the peanut gallery! thanks. zp

Magdi: The glimpse reveals reality, truth. It reveals the illusion of the separate personal mind and reveals a peak in the infinity, eternity and universality of consciousness. Consciousness being the impersonal reality.
It is important to stay with what has been revealed to be true, beyond any doubt and live according to that revelation, no matter where it seems to take you.
It is a revelation of truth.

Chris: Thats the only way ZP. Repetition of the sold called glimpses until its obvious at all times that there is only ever the pure Self seeing/being. We got into the trap of identification via repetition and can get out the exact same way.
Training in the true nature of mind via repeated insight into flawless seeing.

Photo by Sasa Gyoker

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