A glimpse in the eternity, infinity and universality of the Self

NDEs (Near Death Experiences) can provide a glimpse in the eternity, infinity and universality of the Self.
The realization of the Self is the establishment of this glimpse as your one and only reality. The revelation that you are this reality, that you are the Self eternal that is not contained and that is not subject to the impressions of time and space.
The revelation of your infinity, eternity and universality awaits you as you desire it beyond all else.




JT: I don’t think we can get any closer than we are right now.

Magdi: We are the Self eternal … As the one and only reality. The delight and celebration is in the knowingness of our infinity, eternity and universality. Being knowingly the Self eternal.
It’s a journey from here to here that eludes the mind.

Hames: Yes – and yet the understanding of that glimpse can vary greatly according to the experiencer which is to say that everything in spirituality is paradoxical..

Magdi: Hames, the glimpse is not in time and not of the mind.
During the glimpse, there is no experiencer and thus whatever interpretation the alleged experiencer makes, is fiction.
After all, the glimpse reveals the experiencer to be nothing else but fiction. But there is more to the revelation than that.

Carol: Last Summer I had an 18 hour surgery and I honestly didn’t think I would live through it……I was definitely somewhere else for quite a while and have not been the same since…..not a bad thing at all, but my consciousness has changed. Glad to still be here.

Magdi: The peak into the otherness, into the beyond … reveals the insignificance of the dream character as she faces the vastness and infinity of consciousness.
It also reveals that the vastness and reality of consciousness is not external to my very being.
The impression of physicality and selfhood is shaken at its foundation and in time, it collapses revealing the glory and magnificence of the Self eternal.

KG:  Hames bringing up the good point about communication and paradox. The communicator always ALSO simultaneously communicates the limits of who they are conditionally and as a body-being even if they have Realized that Consciousness which is not body or object dependent. That can’t be escaped as long as you are here-thats just a further imaginal development. If someone says they have Realized (which they must if they “teach” right?) what “is” beyond mind and uses language that will also be a limitation on what is communicated. The Self is NOT subject to space-time, but we are. Different religions and traditions also can produce differences in understanding and communication-there’s a reason for that as well (note the arguments between them!), even in the Vedenta Advaita tradition.

Magdi: KG, the glimpse in the Self reveals the Self as the one and only reality. Second to none.

KG:  Nobody said the Self has or had a 2nd.

Magdi: We are the Self. If the Self is not time/space bound, how could we?
The Self/We is one.

John: A cloud of memory incarnates a storyline that is the antithesis of presence.

Magdi:  John, memory does not affect presence. Memory may be a useful tool for navigation purposes. It is an appearance in the wide open sky of presence and does not stain it.
It is the belief that I am a mortal appearance, a mortal body mind rather than the presence itself, that leads to the impression of limitation, separation and selfhood. It is identification with a form that constitutes the virus of ignorance and mortality.


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