Is awareness aware without objects?

Is awareness aware without objects?~~~

In order to be aware of an object awareness has to be present. The question is whether awareness is present in the absence of an object?
There are two options:The co-arising of awareness with the arising of the object (of awareness) or awareness is independent of the arising of the object, meaning awareness is prior to the object and post the object and is present independent of the object.
Consider the following: In order to establish that awareness is present without objects, there has to be some evidence of awareness being present without objects.Meaning there has to be evidence that awareness is present in the absence of the oak tree in the yard.
Is awareness aware without the tree, without the cloud, without the river, without the bird?Can awareness be alone?
When we ask the oak tree: Can you be alone in the yard? There is no answer. A tree is not-knowing and independent of awareness, what is a tree?
When we ask awareness: Can you be alone?Awareness replies: I am, I know I am. I am aware and I am aware that I am aware.In other words, awareness is its own evidence of both being and knowing.
There is no doubt: I am aware and I am aware that I am aware.Awareness is self directly aware independently from perceiving, thinking and feeling. Awareness is made out of awareness, it is scintillating with awareness. This awareness is what we commonly call ‘I’. I/awareness.
I Am.
I know that I AM.
I am aware that I Am.
I am aware that I am aware.

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