How to fix attention in awareness?

A conversation with a friend

Friend: How to fix attention in Awareness?

Reply: Feel your presence, your aliveness without any effort. Gently sink in that feeling of alive beingness. And as much as possible, stay there without judgment or any measure of success.
Awareness is our primary experience. Everything we know is via awareness.

Friend: It’s impossible to stop thinking, thinking is happening anyway.

Reply: Stopping thinking is in itself, more thinking. We do not need to concern ourselves with stopping thinking. Simply notice that thought is witnessed. Awareness is already here, as presence. It cannot be perceived as you perceive a thought or an object. Jean Klein uses the term apperception. Rather than argue and battle with thought, contemplate the reality of thought, which will lead you to awareness, that is not concerned about ending thought nor bettering it.
It is peace itself. You are this peace.

Friend: Should I bring my attention on my thoughts and follow them to the source they are coming from?

Reply: Thoughts ariose in/out of awareness. Bring your attention to That which perceives thoughts and not to the appearing thoughts.
That which perceives the thoughts is their reality. The reality of perception. That which perceives is not an object, not a thought, not an appearance.

Friend: In spite of all my attention, I didn’t find That. I will try more. Thank you.

Reply: You cannot find what you are. You are the spaciousness of awareness. Presence/awareness is more a resting rather than seeking or trying. Rather than trying, gently rest as being (not being somebody or someone, but pure pristine being).

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