I feel out of touch with divinity

A question from a friend
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Dear Magdi
I feel out of tough with divinity. I feel like i have lost connection with myself and I long for this deep connection.
I just know my daily life events but there is not a happiness or aliveness. it feels more like a burden.
How can I possibly get in touch with causeless happiness and know this deep connection?
Can I be truly happy?
Is that really possible?

Dear Friend:
Yes. Causeless happiness, joy, freedom are absolutely possible. You already are that. Happiness, freedom are causeless and are God’s gift to herself. You are never truly out of touch with divinity since you are divinity, you are the Self.
Separation from the Self, from truth, from happiness resides in a belief. The belief that you are a separate person, a man, a woman, a mortal form. Such beliefs are inherited and have settled in our feeling state. In other words, we not only believe we are a body mind, but we also feel that we are a person.
In spite of the strong impression of separation, inherited thoughts and sensations do not truly take you away from God. Nothing really does. Separation is an illusion, an impression, an unhappy image on the screen.
Daily life feels unhappy when you believe you are a separate person, when you identify with the mortal form of a body mind. Notice that whenever you are believing you are a person, an entity of sort, there is angst and unhappiness. Personal concerns follow and cloud the openness, bringing in the shadow of unhappiness.
But every sensation, every impression requires presence, requires your inherent openness. Without your openness, without the aware presence of consciousness, there would be no impressions.
This awareness, openness, consciousness… is you. The true you that does not come and go and that makes all impressions possible.
Notice the openness and allow the complete freedom that already IS to take on whatever form it desires without struggling with it.
There are no real boundaries. No need to add any personal condition. The impression of separation is made out of resistance and personal desire that maintain the separate me-illusion.
You say that you lost your real connection with yourself. You are always yourself! That is never truly lost. But you confuse yourself to be the body mind and that is why you feel lost.
Be clear that you are not what comes and goes! How could you be an event in time and space? To whom does the event appear? Does it not appear to you? Space and time events appear to you, aware presence.
You have never been separate. It is by habit that you go pursue worldly experiences seeking happiness and connection in an external world, in relationships, in situations.
Allow all impressions to arise in your complete freedom. When you contract around any event, you give it imaginary power over you and then you perceive an imaginary problem.
When you look in the world body mind for happiness and for your true connection, you will not find it.
Remain still and recognize your inherent freedom. Freedom is not the result of any activity or event.
You already are that!

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