About yogic practice and meditation

Conversation with a friend about Yogic practices
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Friend: Magdi, are daily meditations practices, sun salutations, as well as other yogic practices considered ritualistic attachments?

Reply: Whatever you do out of love is OK. Meaning action that is not coming from personal desire that maintains the impression of personhood.
Any activity that you feel you ‘need’ should be examined as needs hide the fear of extinction.
Meditation is natural since, at our core, even if we forget it, we all love truth and happiness. Love for truth and happiness is meditation; our natural state. Whenever you recollect the divine qualities, whenever you contemplate ‘what am I truly?’, you are in effortless meditation.
Friend: Given that form and formless are connected, doesn’t yogic practices benefits non-dualist existence?
Reply: The Self is beyond loss and gain, beyond benefit and detriment. It is the mind that speaks such language. You are not the mind, you are the Self eternal.
Yogic practice that is inspired by love for truth is not a practice. It is love expressing itself. Follow the love and not the practice.
Friend: Noted. Do we ignore the benefits of physical activity especially as we become older? Isn’t it the same as eating food and drinking plenty of water daily to sustain these temporary vessels?
Reply: We are caretakers of the body, so we do our best. But we should not forget the body’s eventual and inevitable destiny.
Celebration and enjoyment of the body and caring for the body is both intelligent and enjoyable. But it should not be coming from any place of fear nor from any identification with the body or attachment to the form.
Friend: Yes indeed, I’ve recently become aware of the difference between actions out of fear and Love. Thank You for explanations and for taking the time… From the heart. _()_

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