How do you know that awareness is always here?

Friend: How do you know that awareness is always here?

Reply: You are aware, are you not?

Friend: Yes, but not always.

Reply: How do you know that? If you know that there are times that you are not aware, this means that there are times where you are aware of not being aware. And that does not make sense. Does it? You cannot be both aware and not aware simultaneously.

Friend: I see. But there are times I feel that I am not aware.

Reply: Feeling that you are not aware does not mean that you are not aware.

Friend: Yes, but I would like to feel aware and when I feel that I am thinking, I feel dense and not clear.

Reply: If you would like to feel aware, this means you have turned awareness into an object, something to get a hold of. Awareness is not an object, it is formless.
As of thinking, thoughts arise in the open space of awareness, in the formlessness of awareness. You do not think thoughts. You perceive them. The thought that you are a personal observer should be investigated since it is the cause of your unhappiness.

Friend: But I cannot get rid of my thoughts.

Reply: Don’t be concerned about getting rid of thought. That is not possible. Instead investigate the I-thought, the thought that you are a man, that you are born.
It is because you believe you are a person that you are so concerned about infinite things. You perceive others apart from you and that is unhappy.

Friend: Wow. That is too difficult to do. I see others out there.

Reply: Although thought says the oak tree is out there, there is no such thing as out there. You experience the tree intimately as your very perception, as consciousness.
Separation is imagined. It is not the reality of your experience.
You are the formless Self, eternal Being Awareness.

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