Do I make good and bad decisions?

Bill: Hi Magdi, When your kids were growing up, didn’t you teach them the ways of the world? To be lawful and civil, to study and learn, get good grades, be honest and find good work? Does the person, the individual have control of these things? Do I, Bill, make things happen? Do I make good and bad decisions?
Magdi: The way of civility, grace, fairness, respect… is the high way.
The high way is not inspired by personal desire or personal agendas. The high way is divinely inspired.
We all know the high path but our personal download gets in the way. The sense of me interferes with our higher intuition.
When we realize our true nature or when we are interested in awakening to truth, we are inspired to act honorably and we teach our kids the same.
The question is: is this a personal choice?
Which brings us to the next question : Is there a person that is making personal choices?
When we contemplate this question, we do not find a separate person.
The thought that says: ‘you are a person’ is known but it is not knowing.
No person, no personal choice or personal doership.

Bill: I notice that as the sense of self dissipates or diminishes, most often thru inquiry, the high road is the clear choice. I’m thinking that along the lines of cause and effect, I do not choose the inquiry that leads me to selflessness. Yes?
Magdi: Initially you choose it, or so it seems. Eventually it chooses you, or so it seems.
Bill: You mean, don’t worry be happy?


Magdi: You are the innate happiness of the Self.
Why veil it with personal worry and illusory personal self identification?

Bill Yeah.
Magdi: The celebration 🎉 is inevitable once the veils of separation dissolve.

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