Happiness and the mind

 Hi Magdi, Here seems to be a commonly held experience:
I’m happy because I’m having a happy experience.
Though on reflection it seems the reverse is truer:
I’m enjoying a happy experience because I’m happy.
And that happiness seems to have no discernible cause and
so goes unnoticed and unvalued by the mind.
Does this make sense to you?
Love,  R
Hi R.
Happiness does not derive from anything as Happiness is our true nature, the nature of the Self.
The mind can only glitter, reflecting the happiness that is flowing to it from the source.
Happiness is non-phenomenal and cannot be noticed by the mind. But the mind can be lit, enlightened by it, like the moon can be lit by the light of the sun.The moon can never perceive the light since the moon does not perceive and is not privy to perception.
Only the Self perceives.
Love, Magdi

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