You are the Self

You are the Self.
Is it not via the Self that you know the Self? Are you not already the Self? What else are you if not the Self, the reality of consciousness?
There is nothing that is not already the Self. What is it that says you are the body mind? What is it that says the world is external?
Is it not your interest in objects and feelings that takes you away in a dream of separation, in the imaginary realm of personal gain and loss?
As you pursue objects, feelings and experiences, you do not awaken. You remain in the chase of forms and impressions that are empty. Phenomenal impressions, no matter how pleasurable, do not fulfill you.
Sooner or later, you have to turn to the deeper contemplation of the reality of your experience and not merely to the surface impressions of the mind.
The end of your imagined separation is inevitable but you postpone it as you remain fascinated by names and forms. They are mind impressions, like a mirage.
The imagined personal self is a mind impression. Go to it, see it for the illusion that it is. There is no reality to it since reality belongs to consciousness.

Once the body and mind is purged of the dream ignorance and from the sense of separation, you find yourself as That that you have eternally been.
Tat Tuam Asi
Oct 14 2014

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