Does the body manage itself?


Friend: It is my impression that the body manages itself.

Reply: What is your relationship to the body?

Friend: I don’t know!

Reply: You perceive the body, don’t you? You perceive the bodily sensations, the images… Don’t you?

Friend: I perceive many bodies, bodily sensations and motions.

Reply: Therefore you are the witness of the body, right?

Friend: Yes.

Reply: Given you are the witness, the next question to look at is: Is there any distinction between you, the witness, the witnessing and the witnessed? Is there a separate witness? In other words, are they two or one and the same?

Friend: I can’t confirm as it is only perception

Reply: You are the witness. Ask yourself: How far is the perception from you, the witness/perceiver?

Friend: I can’t measure

Reply: Indeed. You can’t measure because there is no distance. There is nothing to measure. There is nowhere to start and nowhere to end. The perceiver, the perceived are one. That is what we call perception. Do you see that?

Friend: Okay! Great!

Reply: We only witness/experience the body as thoughts (images), bodily sensations and perceptions… It is an intimate witnessing with zero distance between the witness and the witnessed.
Next is to understand that while the images and thoughts keep changing, the ‘I’, Witnessing Awareness is the same. Awareness is Changeless Presence.

Friend: Very correct

Reply: The Changeless Constant is Presence/Awareness.
The changing is body mind impressions (thoughts, perceptions and sensations) that appear and disappear like the clouds.
The Changeless Witnessing Awareness and the changing images are not two. They are non dual, like your night dreams, your dreams and you, the dreamer, are not two. The dream impressions appear intimately to the dreamer, they keep changing but the dreamer is constant, changeless.

Friend: Must be.

Reply: Please do not accept what I am sharing. Make sure it is true according to your own experience, according to your own investigation.
It is not very helpful to accept someone else’s experience if you do not make sure it is also your own.

Friend: Yes.

Reply: If it is your experience that the Changeless Witnessing Awareness dreams the changing images (out of itself), you need to contemplate that ‘I’ is this Changeless Witnessing Awareness and it is borderless, limitless, impersonal.

Friend: OK. I will

Reply: Borderless Witnessing Awareness … Is the Self. The Only ‘I’ there is: Universal Self. Namaste

Friend: Thank you 🙏🏻💚🙏🏻

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