Beyond time and space


Friend: What does it mean to be beyond time and space?
Reply: Thoughts create time. The senses, in particular sight, creates space. The ‘now and then’ is a product of thought and the ‘here and there’ is the product of the senses.
Consciousness is your true nature, what you truly are. Consciousness does not arise via thought or via the senses. It is not a phenomenal form like thought and perception. It is non phenomenal.
Thus it is said that consciousness is beyond time and space.
But what matters is to know yourself experientially as Consciousness. Then you will be the living understanding of Being beyond time and space.

Friend: And how does one do that?
Reply: The sense of personal self must die. The belief in separation, the belief that I am born, that I am a body mind, the belief that operates via thoughts and feelings must dissolve.

Friend: How does it dissolve?
Reply: Via your contemplation of the Dharma and via living the Dharma.

Friend: Can you say some more?
Reply: First, you hear the non-dual teachings about Oneness, Wholeness. The teachings of emptiness, And you apply yourself to understand the teaching. This will lead you to the indirect understanding that ‘I’ refers to universal Consciousness. Then you reflect and meditate resting in your understanding of the true ‘I’ and contemplating this understanding in your body and in your life.

Friend: Is that all?
Reply: Your passion for Truth is essential and your dedication to living the teachings must be relentless. In time your guide will appear. Of course, it is all via grace.

Friend: What is the experience of being beyond time and space?
Reply: It is Being vastness, borderless presence, peaceful, joyous and free. It is an ever deepening and widening field of full emptiness and effortless surrender. It is being unmoved, unstirred and yet not indifferent, not disregarding. It is love, peace, beauty and happiness.
Absolute Being Awareness.

Friend: Some people say that teachers send you on a goose chase and that there is nothing to attain. They say we should abandon the search. Is that true?
Reply: These are foolish words that reflect a lack of wisdom and understanding. The search ends of itself once it is done. There is no one searching and yet, there is a search. We are all seeking happiness, there is no way around this. Simply do not seek it outside of yourself. Look deeply within. Abandoning the search without being happy is unwise. Happiness touches everyone and everything. You may start with a personal intention, but the contemplation will reveal that you are whole with everyone and everything and your personal intention becomes an offering.
Whoever tells you to abandon the search prematurely is frustrated and is hiding behind a banana leaf.

Friend: Thank you

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