Awakening goes beyond the revelation and the understanding that there is no separate self.
The revelation of the universality of consciousness remains to be revealed.
The understanding of what I am not is only a step along the path to the revelation of what I am.
Aranachala Jan 5 2015

WVO:  Dear Magdi, would you please elaborate on this? Is consciousness a fraud, like Nisargadatta says? And are we beyond it?

Reply: Dear WVO, First I would like to clarify that while I use the term consciousness (Self) to refer to aware presence, whatever it is that perceives this perception, NIsargadatta uses the term consciousness to refer to the phenomenal experience that is perceived.

Yes, the Self (aware presence/Absolute/Ultimate…) is beyond the world, body mind.
While the Self is a non-event, the world body mind are impermanent events.
You can consider the world body mind to be like the nigth dreams, dreamlike, made out of thought impressions and image impressions… The pink elephant in your night dream is not real. You, the dreamer, well tucked in bed is what creates the dreams and perceives them.

As per your first comment to elaborate on my post.
The revelation that I am not a form, that I am not Wouter, That I am not a body is only a first step in the journey to the Self.
The realization that I am consciousness does not completely remove the me-feeling and does not completely dissolve the sense of separation.
It is the complete dissolution of the I-thought, as well as the me-feeling that leads via grace, to a merging of all impressions in the Self.
From that last realization, all is the Self. The Self is the only reality that shines onto the mind like the dreamer shines onto the night dreams. The final realization can best be described as unshakable and causeless peace and happiness. The complete freedom of the Self.

GF:  Uneventful. (Maharaj himself has said: “Nothing is ever really happening.”).
Maharaj mused, “Why is consciousness afraid of stopping its identification with the body-mind? It has become very comfortable in its acquaintance with its illusory creation [the body-mind], which is so familiar, like an old friend. Consciousness doesn’t want to give up this ‘old friend.'”

Reply:  Nisargadatta uses the term consciousness to refer to the mind events. He uses the term awareness to refer to the absolute.
PS. I use the terms consciousness/awareness synonymously.
Happenings are at the mind level. Time and space dimensions are at the mind level and all happenings require time and space as seemingly real coordinates.

GF: In the above paragraph Nis says consciousness creates body-mind

Reply: Indeed, thought creates the body-mind impression. Thought creates the illusion of things via its labeling systems. One could say that the world, body mind are thought impressions and bodily sensations. Changing Images on the changeless screen. There is zero distance between the image and the screen. Like there is zero distance between the dreamer and the pink elephant that appears in the night dream

WVO:  Like the Buddha says: “Emptiness is form, form is emptiness” , there is no difference, no division, just unitary reality. Dharmakaya. Deep peace of oneness. Hologram of unconditionall love. The absolute.
Is that what Nisargadatta refers to? I know its all just words. It’s ineffable.

Reply: Words that point to the limitations of the mind and the pointers that express that the mind cannot reveal the Self are useful pointers. The mind, is best left in the hands of the sage. The sage uses the mind in higher reasoning to deconstruct the impression of separation. It is best to be with the sage and benefit from his teachings. The aware presence that you are is not mortal. What is perceived is not what you are.
The revelation of what you truly are awaits you.

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