What can be lost and gained is ephemeral

What can be lost and gained is ephemeral, is not eternal and not what I am. When you regret the ephemeral, your regrets are misplaced and of no use. What you truly are cannot be added to nor diminished.

Oct 26 2014 Wabi Sabi
I appear as all appearances, as each one of you, as all perceptions. Through perceptions, you know me as space and through thought you recall me as time, while I am of neither.
What comes and goes, I am not.
I am the eternal bliss of the heart. Whenever you are at peace, you rest as me, whenever you feel happy, you rejoice as me, whenever you are exalted, you celebrate me.
I am all those qualities that puts a smile on your face and reveals your open heart.
As you shed the veils of ignorance and cease your identification with mortality, you join me as myself, as yourself, as the Self eternal.
We celebrate together as one. Never apart.


Photo by Sasa Gyoker

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