The trickery of thought

It is a trickery of thought… through the I-thought the sense of limitation is maintained.
When we believe the I-thoughts, we give them power and the impression of separation seems real.

In fact, the only reality is the reality of the Self and none other.
What is perceived is inert and cannot reveal any information about what perceives it.
The life impression that you attribute to the perceived actually belongs to the perceiver.
“Give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar and to God what belongs to God.”
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TS: Yesterday i saw a tiny portion of a video of a boat going through a storm. The waves were gigantic washing over the boat. It brought chills to me as i watched it.
Bill sat next to me viewing the video and i said to him: ‘how can this be?’ The boat was being crashed in waves and he said he is stirring the boat straight, he know how to move straight. When i recieve your post you always move straight Magdi. Deep.

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