What am I Truly?


Am I what thought says I am or am I what rains says I am?
Am I what feelings say I am or am I what the bird song says I am?

What am I truly?

Am I the butterfly, the gentle breeze and the still presence of Being? Am I the roar of the waterfall, the babble of the baby and the inner silence in which they arise?

Am I the shape of the clouds, one minute a dragon and the next an angel or am I the Still Transparency of Being Awareness?

I awaken to Awareness. I awaken to undefined Self, undefined ‘I’… Infinite invisible Self.

The here and there come together as ‘I’.
They were never apart.

I am the gentle sound of raindrops, the chirping of the birds in the trees, the roar of distant traffic, the peace of Being, the depth of the oceans. I am the fox in the field, the begonia that keeps blooming, the moisture in the air…
All of it, none of it.

The mind dissolved in the heart, effortless Yesness is everywhere.
So it is. 

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