So often we get upset. But what is it we are defending, what is it that gets upset? What is it that is so vulnerable? Obviously there is something we are defending. What is it? Does it really matter?
So often the offense, the story seems so true. But is it really true?

Truth and what is true refers to something that is in accordance with facts or reality, something that is real.

Could you say that what someone says about you is a fact and is real? Is a story about you true? Is the me-image true?

Whether the story comes from someone else or within yourself, is a story true? Can an image get hurt?

The person who says a story about you (or the story you tell yourself about yourself) may change tomorrow. They may have woken up on the left side of the bed and their story would reflects that. One day they are happy and love you but the next they feel miserable and blame you.
One day you love your image and the next you despise it. What is it that perceives? Is that an image? Does that get hurt? Does Awareness feel upset or is it a dream character upsetness, like clouds in the wide open sky?

You get upset. Why? Is it not because you perceive that something real has been touched, maybe even insulted?
Are you something insultable?
If someone insults your imaginary self, there is no need to get upset.
The insult of an imaginary self is also imaginary.  Maybe you are imagining yourself to be something insultable, something that should be protected. Are you a bundle of images and thoughts or the reality of Awareness?

Ask yourself the following question: Can reality be insulted? Can something Real be touched, be upset?
Can Being Awareness be anything else but the Transparency of Self?

You imagine yourself, you believe your imagination and therefore you experience the separation.

The activity of being someone is exhausting.
Being Awareness is non activity.

A simple recognition. Self recognizing Self.

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