What am I truly?


In/as consciousness, there is no one resisting/seeking and there is no one going or coming.
From the perspective of ignorance, the mind is infected with the belief in separation. The impression is that consciousness depends on the body mind and thus the body mind is lord. From that perspective, you perceive an external world and an internal self while there is no such thing.

No matter how hard you look, you will not find a separate self, just the fog of ignorance and darkness or the light of awareness beingness.

From the dream perspective, the dream seems real and reality seems a dream (unreal).
But from reality’s perspective, only reality is real, only the eternity and infinity of being awareness is real, void of any qualitatif.
Peaceful, joyful presence, complete onto itself.

‘What am I truly’ reveals your true identity. Thought will only take you deeper into the rabbit hole of: ‘…I am this, Oh no, I am that….’

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