The current of ignorance


Question: I feel that the current of ignorance is very strong and I cannot stop the thoughts and the feeling of being miserable. What tools are available that I can use to end this? I just can’t stop it. I am thinking non stop.
You have available to you consciousness. It is closer than close and is available 24/7. Consciousness is omnipotent.

The approach is a two pronged approach and can be done simultaneously:
First looking into your resistance. Resistance is a rehash of the past and a projection into an imagined future. Contemplate: Is it possible to notice and relax my resistance to what is appearing? Resistance is a spin. Can I allow and invite what is appearing irrespective of how it appears? Can I meet whatever is arising with not-knowing and without labeling and naming, without knowing and therefore without the past? Experiment with that. It is worth a try to be still since, up to now, thinking has not relieved you from the misery. Whatever appears is both thought and feelings. Feelings are neutral bodily sensations that lose their neutrality once we name them and label them. As soon as you know them via labeling them, you have personalized them since you have added the me-thought. Remain unknowing and transparent. Be willing to allow, feel what is arising without judgment and without memory. Rather than the avoidance of thinking, dive deeply into what is appearing to you. Try it completely willing to die into it. Don’t worry, only the illusion will die.
Also, simultaneously and as often as possible, raise the question: ‘What am I truly?’, ‘What is the reality of my experience?’ Keep this question alive, open, suspended in awareness. It is not an invitation to think about the question, but to keep it open. Be fresh and innocent as if you are posing this question for the first time and without seeking an answer from the mind.
Allow the question to answer itself without knowing it.

These sadhanas may seem odd at first, but in time, they will grow on you and will become second nature to you and will lead you to the revelation of your true nature, the causeless peace and happiness of the Self.

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