We are this one ocean


We are this one ocean. The ocean of love and bliss. The ocean of love and kindness. The ocean of sweetness and gentleness.
The creativity, the amazing wonder of creating/creation… Being Awareness

May we awaken to grace. To honor it, to care for it, to die into it… all together as one.

We are the ocean. The ocean of bliss and love. Seamless aware presence.
One tribe celebrating the wholeness of being/non-being.

We are the absence, the formless Self. The vastness of being, the infinite invisible.

I honor you. I honor our true nature. I honor the Self, THAT I AM… Universal beingness/non-being.

I dance the invisible dance of life…. beyond all forms, within all forms, as no form, as all forms, as everything, as nothing… as your very Self, universal Truth, universal Self.

Drop your defenses, drop your images, be naked with me, be transparent, light as a feather, free as a bird… I AM…. honor I AM without any limitations, without any attributes… Freedom is our true nature… celebrate your innate freedom as the unborn, the infinite invisible…. Live as THAT. LiveLove truth. THAT I AM.

I honor you in everything and everyone. I know you. I am Thou.


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