We are one, Interconnected via awareness/consciousness.

We are one, Interconnected via awareness/consciousness. 
We arise out of the same source to realize the wholeness of being/awareness that we are, that everything is. 
We play together. 
It is so lovely 😊 
Except when we go back into our bubble. The me-you bubble. 
So we contemplate this process. We approach our belief structures and the way we act with innocence and a sense of wonder and curiosity that refuses to be satisfied except by that which is true. 
So we wonder: What is truth? 
That which is changeless, eternal, infinite. Not subject to whimsical thought. Not subject to conditions or situations. 
To be guided by truth makes sense to most of us. And yet, most often, we follow our thoughts and feelings without contemplation of truth. 
When you are driven by personal desire, the path is turbulent for everyone. 
Personal desire and the sense of lack create a thick cloud around the formless presence that you are. 
You see, you cannot do the work for someone else. But you can do your own. 
What you truly are is the formless awareness that appears as everything and everyone. 
No particular form defines you. You are the defining factor. 
The true you. Not that which appears.

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