The screen that is the I AM

Although the perceived impression appears limited in time and space, perception is not.
There is a reality to your experience. This reality is not in the perceived and is not subject to the time/space limitations of the perceived. The perceived is like a blinking firefly at night.

Basho By Sasa Gyoket
The reality of your experience is beyond the perceived and is hidden from the senses. Thus, when you rely on the senses, you go out.
In the same way you use the senses to go out, you can use the senses to go in … by tracing the senses to their source, to THAT that senses. Ever-present aware presence. “I”, the true “I”, limitless, boundary less and impersonal.
Every image refers to the screen. The same unmoved, unchanged and unchanging screen. The screen that is the I AM.


Photo by Sasa Gyoker

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