Consciousness is not affected by appearances and disappearances

Consciousness is not affected by appearances and disappearances.
The wide open sky is not stained by the clouds that appear no matter whether they have the shape of an angel or a dragon.
The dreamer is not devoured by the lion that devours the dream character.
In fact, it is a very rare blessing when the lion devours the dream character.
The dreamer usually wakes up an instant before.
On very rare occasions, it is devoured.
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MG: When you’re asleep, life is a dream. When you’re awake, life is life.

Magdi: Yes. There is ‘more’ of a dream quality to the night dream than to the waking dream… Oops, I meant waking life
The waking dream (Oops again) has more memory thought in it.

MG:  Which do you think has more inherent reality, life or our ideas about it? IE – does life disappear if we quit thinking about it?
It seems to me that we usually put the cart before the horse and consider our ideas about life more important than our actual experience.

Magdi: Ideas and experiences are part of the waking dream.
They are equal to all else in the dream.
Perceptions, sensations and thoughts are equal in that they are all mind.
Having said that, ideas that say: ‘I am a living and dying organism’, although they are merely equal to all else in the dream, are the cause of fear, terror and despair.
Thoughts that express that consciousness is personal and limited are referred to as ignorance.
Only the realization that reality belongs to universal consciousness releases ignorance from the dream.

Chuck:  Maharishi said that there was no real difference between the dream state and the waking state except that the waking state seemed to last longer.

Magdi: The reality of both the waking dream and the night dream is the reality of consciousness.
Boundary less consciousness

MG: So many beliefs and philosopies are just the fear of death in action, I’m afraid.

Magdi: The reality of consciousness is not a belief. Fear of death is due to the belief that consciousness depends on a form and thus mortal.
Once that thorn is removed, all fears are left with no legs to stand on.

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