The power of suggestion

Question: Can you talk a little on the power of suggestion?
Suggestion refers to a proposal, that is put forth for consideration.
What matters is the source of the suggestion.
When the source of the suggestion is love, freedom and not a personal agenda, the suggestion celebrates happiness and freedom.

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When the source of the suggestion is the belief that I am a limited personal self, the suggestion is making a false promise. The false promise is that happiness can be achieved via the mind.
When a suggestion arises, you could consider whether it takes you into the light or whether it takes you into the mind. Does it have a celebratory happy and free innocent feel to it, that is all inclusive and impersonal, or is it at the service of reinforcing the personal self?
It is imp to take a moment to reflect before acting upon a suggestion. Listening from the heart rather than the mind.
Listening from happiness rather than fear.
It is very lovely to go down the path of celebration and happiness. There are endless ways to celebrate.

Question: When sitting with a thought which is loaded with suggestion either of celebration or misery. How does this compare with the teaching of Non Duality? That Which Is is not effected by strife or by the other.

Reply: When you abide as the Self, you are beyond strife and free of discord. Rather than taking the I-thought forward, take the I-thought back to its source. The I-thought takes you into the separate self. Taking thought back to its source reveals the wholeness undivided nature of consciousness. Whenever you believe you are a personal consciousness, thought is taking you forward.
Whenever you question the verity of the I-thought, you are on your return home.
Separation is imagination. Nothing truly divides the wholeness of consciousness.

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