The completion of the contemplation

Question: Is there a completion to this contemplation or is it an ever ending process of realization?
The revelation of the magnificence, eternity and infinity of consciousness completes itself when the body mind is purged from the mental residues that inhabit the mind as well as the body. The purging at the body feeling level is of utmost importance. Life events help you in triggering and bringing to the surface your latent hidden tendencies of separation.
This purification at the feeling level can take many years depending on the specific unfolding and guidance that grace provides.
One could say that the purification is eternal. Yet, the contemplation becomes a celebration of the revelation of divine consciousness when residues no longer stir the boat and lose their significance and impact.
It is at that point that the Self revels in itSelf and no longer projects mind shadows.
The world reveals beauty, the body love and the mind wisdom, happiness and equanimity.
Autumn's arteries by Sasa Gyoker
Sean: This is the first I’ve heard you speak of purging of the pain body thru awareness and triggering of latent emotions. It seems you speak a lot on the contemplation end of awakening; which I’ve found helpful but not as practical as the body/awareness work. Thanks!

Reply:  The purging at the body feeling level is the bulk of it.
Like the submerged part of the iceberg is the bulk of the iceberg.
As long as that aspect of the purification is incomplete, the angst of separation continues. In certain unguided cases, the mind justifies this angst as being part of the revelation and part of God’s design and calls off the search prematurely. The incompleteness of the purification maintains the spoiler and unhappiness, no matter how hard the mind attempts to veil it.

Sean: I’ve come to view this burning in my chest as the tension between union and separation. And I’ve wondered if i will live in the tension as a part of this human incarnation. It can just as easily be interpreted as blissful excitement or hellish anxiety depending on the circumstance. But I try to remain with it as much as I can in my day to day and keep skimming the pain off the top as God allows.

Reply:  Sean, give the sensation all the space it needs without holding back and without personal intention. Impersonal intention is love. There is ample space available.
That is the allowing space that is gifted to us by consciousness, so to speak. In the absence of any contracted personal intention, the sensation takes itself to the source and dissolves in the source.

K.G.:  Speaking as a professional and practitioner I would say that what you wrote is very misleading and in real-life (practice) it doesn’t work that way. One does not “purge feelings” from the body. The body itself is a feeling-body and if it was not you would be dead. So what I see you taking a high Dharma and trying to explains the manifest (gross and subtle dimensions), body-mind, physiology, psychology based on that Dharma. But it doesn’t really hold-up to closer scrutiny nor with empirical examples. Dharma is fine, but the holes in understanding show up when you try to explain things like this. Theoretical extension of Dharma to issues like the body-mind don’t always work unless you have a real practical understanding of the details and experience of it.

Sean:  What Magdi is explaining is what has worked for me. Increasing peace, increasing stillness and a greater sense of freedom speak to the efficacy of expressing suppressed emotion. As to whether or not it leads to “enlightenment” (whatever that is) remains to be seen.

K.G.: Sean have you considered going to or asking a professional (meaning someone actually experienced and trained in these issues or subject-matter) about these kind of issues? Getting in touch with and expressing suppressed emotions is not the same as “purging feeling”. It is not the same as understanding their source and function in you as a body-mind and conscious-being (which are not separate). Of course people feel better if they express themselves vs. repress themselves, but that doesn’t equate to high Dharma. That does not lead to healing and understanding what is actually going on.
There are whole systems of healing and medicine (running the whole spectrum of the body-mind) that address in great detail these issues.

Reply: K.G., by ‘purging’ the residues at the body feeling level, I do not refer to a struggle (and I know you did not mention that) with feelings or ignoring them or demeaning them.Rather, it is a relaxation at the body feeling level. This relaxation is possible once we recognize that we are not a body mind form and that the body mind form is a mind event made out of thoughts and sensations. Once that is clearly revealed, rather than resisting the feelings/sensations that arises in the body, we ‘allow’ them, so to speak.
We release them to the source and we do not reinforce them with our personal mentation. Life events will trigger these body feeling sensations releasing them so they can cease to haunt us in the darkness.
As long as we still identify with the body mind, the relaxation at the body feeling level is not completely possible since the sense of self and the virus of mortality still haunt us and scare us.
But, the practice of release at the body feeling level, even when we are still in ignorance, can help and has far reaching effects. One could thus consider that the purification process has a two pronged approach. The emerged and the submerged parts. The emerged is mental and the submerged is the body/feeling dimension.

K.G.:  Let me ask you this Magdi. How many people have you work on who were sick, in deep pain, mentally ill, depressed, can’t walk, etc? From what you’re said in the past and what I know about you, not many. So much of what you write is theoretical and that’s why people who do actually work in this area have so much disagreements with you.

Reply:  The work you are referring to heals the body mind but maintains the person.
What I am speaking of is of a different dimension and scope.
I speak to returning the personal to its source, so to speak. Realizing the source via the purification of ignorance at the mind and at the body/feeling level. You speak of healing modalities that deal with healing (and in many cases are efficient at doing so) the body mind. But the body mind impression remains as the personal identity.  ‘Healing the person’ is different from ‘healing from the person’.


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