The personal self is an add on

When you realize that the personal aspect is an add on that veils and spoils the breadth of impersonality, you drop it and you keep dropping it because it is stubbornly residing in your felling state resulting in the impression of a personal self.
Then you realize that even this dropping is not an actual dropping since what is dropped as well as the dropper are imaginary.
You start to get a sense of the impersonal quality of being awareness as well as the cosmic aspect of all phenomenal appearances.
There is this vast unknowing that is akin to a living silence that has no borders that impregnates everything in a way that your experience becomes more of an absence but not an avoidance or a bypass rather a presence/absence that you know as causeless peace and the end of the seeker as well as the all pervading knowingness of your true nature as the vastness of being that we refer to as Self.

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