The me-feeling

In your contemplation, it becomes important to notice the me feeling, the unhappiness that arises and is expressed in the body, the internal bodily contractions that refer to a separate me.
Releasing them into the transparency of being, into the spacious borderlessness of awareness is a relaxation of the habitual grip and letting go of resistance.

These internal contractions are connected to the I-thought, me as a body mind impression, existing in time and space, concerns and worries about me and my life. Such chimerics are maintained not only by thought but also by the me feeling that resides in the body.

Noticing these energetic contractions and noticing the space that infuses them, relaxing as that space releases them. It is an inner looking in your inner silence and stillness.

Like a pendulum that returns to center, this energetic contracted impression recovers its inherent transparency and vastness once you let go and contemplate ‘What am I truly’ and release the sensation into the spacious awareness of being.

That I AM

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