Dying before the body dies


In one of your videos, you speak about karma and you mentioned ‘dying while the body is still alive’. What do you mean by that? Can you speak to your experience of this death and what happens to karma? Also science is speaking of the brain microtubules continuing to contain quantum information after death. That is very intriguing to me. How do you understand this? Thanks
How could life die? If life dies, then life and death are one continuum, one movement. If you consider life is the beginning and death the end, then the beginning and the end are one continuum, one movement, so to speak. The end and the beginning meet, not as two, but as one.
The death of the body, the birth of the body are one continuum. One movement, the movement of beginning and ending as one non dual movement.
The belief in separation, the belief in a personal consciousness, the personal self impression distorts your perception and your behavior and keeps you in the spin of duality and separation. This ignorance of truth, which is the belief in the personal self is the life and death dualistic impression. It is referred to as the thorn of mortality.
The death of the separate self impression occurs while the body is still sentient, alive. It is in the waking state that the personal self can dissolve. This death is spoken of in the teachings. It is this death that is the end of karma, the end of the imprint in the brain’s microtubules once and for all.
This death is a result of numerous insights, some sudden and other gradual. These insights are the consequence of the contemplation of truth, the contemplation of the mystery and wonder of being awareness.
This death is the culmination of many lifetimes of inquiry and contemplation. It is via grace, via the mystery of being and not via any personal will that this blessing is bestowed upon us.
This death is a culmination of numerous mini deaths. The final death is realized upon meeting your karana guru, as you are ready for the final transmission, the final understanding that ends the me impression once and for all.
Then you are in God’s hands, moving as God moves, breathing as God breathes, seeing as God sees.
Many will not understand you, but a few will be drawn to you and in time will merge into you.
They will die into you to be resurrected as the Self. The Self revealed as That that I AM beyond time and space.

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